Environmental Responsibility


Environmental Responsibility

Commitment to environmental responsibility and reducing the ecological impact of our communities.

Water Conservation

We are committed to the highest standards of water management. In all of our communities we take the extra step to reduce water use and encourage water conservation.

  • New homes are subject to Water Efficiency Inspections
  • Rain barrels are provided to homeowners for rain water collection
  • Installation of Energy Star appliances and low flow faucets has reduced water use by 62%*

*Based on monitored sanitary flows compared to the City of Calgary baseline design flows.

Recycling & Energy Efficiency

We are always seeking new, innovative ways of creating our communities. That's why we place a high priority on sustainable development practices that minimize our impact on the environment.

  • Recycling of construction materials and debris
  • Educating residents on the benefits of energy & waste reduction
  • Encouraging the use of high quality, energy-efficient building materials

Responsible Landscaping

The landscaping in all of our communities is designed to beautify streetscapes while ensuring environmental sustainability and preserving natural features of the area.

  • Drought-tolerant landscaping is encouraged to ensure water conservation and environmental sustainability
  • Installation of Erosion Control Measures ensures that wind and water erosion is minimized
  • Re-use of Storm Water as Irrigation; using storm water collected in community ponds to irrigate landscaped areas reduces the strain on the City's potable water system
  • Qualico Communities Calgary contributes to the growth of Calgary's Suburban Forest by planting over 1000 trees annually