Tree Program

Tree Program

As part of our commitment to the urban environment and to establish our communities as desireable and attractive, Qualico Communities Calgary provides all new residents with trees for their yard.

Please click on the brochure below for more information.

Please note the following important information:

  1. Trees provided are NOT planted in backyards.
  2. If you have ordered Potted Trees these are planted by you, the Homeowner in your chosen location.  The Landscaper does NOT plant Potted Trees.
  3. The Landscape Contractors commit themselves in the quality of the trees planted.  To ensure proper growth and survival, please ensure you care for your trees regularly as we cannot offer a warranty on plant material.  Trees that do not survive will NOT be replaced. 

To order your tree please select your Community from the drop down menu below and follow these steps:

  1. Inside the Search bar type your home address.
  2. The Community map will display your home's location within the community.
  3. A text window will appear at the left hand side.  Please fill in the required fields including your EQWell Homeowner code.  If you do not know your EQWell Homeowner code, please email
  • Hint: your EQWell Homeowner code is the word eqwell, followed by a dash and your community name, all in lower case.  (eqwell-communityname)
  1. A system message will display when your order is complete.